Resources for Our Partner Schools

  • Update school supply lists for accurate ordering
  • Track your school’s cash back, supplies orders, and apparel orders
  • Spread the word about your programs with our free marketing kits
  • Learn best practices from our most successful schools

Exciting Improvements for Schools and Parents

  • Faster fulfillment—orders leave our warehouse within two days
  • Parents can easily track order status online
  • More options to customize orders
  • Improved online shopping experience

Download Our Marketing Kits

A successful ClassBundl program needs your help to get the word out. Use our free, downloadable marketing kit to spread the word about your ClassBundl program and maximize your fundraising.

Tips for Success

After working with schools from across the country, we understand how to maximize the success of ClassBundl at your school:

  1. Update your school supply lists early to beat the back-to-school rush
  2. Offer a selection of about six apparel items for a varied—but not overwhelming—school store
  3. Keep apparel stores open for about two to three weeks
  4. Talk about the program with your school parent groups, at curriculum nights, and at other school events
  5. Promote to parents throughout the summer for maximum success. More than 60 percent of parents who ordered heard about us from a school email!

Questions? We’re here to help.

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