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  • ClassBundl sells high-quality, grade-specific school supplies and branded apparel to parents. ClassBundl is an e-commerce platform developed by Nelnet.
  • A bundle is the package of classroom-specific school supplies requested by teachers on their individual supply lists. The ClassBundl team matches the teacher-requested supplies to name-brand products to make the bundle.
  • Not really. Around the office we call him Owly! So if you’ve got an idea for a name, send us an email.
  • We think family time and simplicity are precious, so we’ve turned the multi-trip, multi-hour task into a five minute shopping experience. As we’re giving you some of your summer back, we’re also giving each school a 5% reward. Our website also allows parents to make an additional donation to the school with their purchases.

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Apparel Support

  • Please contact customer support at ( or call us at 844.565.7153 (Mon-Fri, 8 am – 5 pm CST)
  • Your order was custom printed just for you. If something has a defect in the garment(s) or decoration, please take a photo and let us know right away! We can refund or exchange your item within 14 days of delivery. Exchanges must be for the same garment and size as original order. Refunds do require the garment to be returned. After 14 days returns may not be guaranteed. Please contact OR text your Name and Order Number to 402-799-1810 and a member of our Customer Service Team will reach out to you directly.

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  • We like to see it as the big box retailers aren’t competitive with us. In surveying parents, we found many visited at least 2-3 different stores to find the requested school supplies. At Classbundl, we offer the supplies you need, all in one spot. Do some stores have a lower sale prices on some supplies? Sure. Can you get everything that meets your school’s specificiations in one stop, give back to your school, and get some of your valuable summer back at a big box store? Nope. At ClassBundl, we’ve got the market cornered on convenience.

Benefits and Donation

  • Each school working with ClassBundl receives a cash reward equal to five percent of the total purchases associated with the school. At checkout, parents may also make an extra donation to the school.
  • Yes. Any funds donated through the additional donation feature are tax deductible. Be sure to retain your email receipt denoting your donation amount for your records.

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  • Parents can order from May 1 through the end of the year. We encourage parents to order as early in the summer as possible to ensure their orders make it to their doorsteps before school starts. Besides, it feels good to cross something off the to-do list.
  • Your order will be fulfilled and leave our warehouse within 2 business days, and then standard 3-5 day shipping will apply. You will receive a tracking email once your order has left our warehouse. If you take advantage of our early ordering period from May 1 and June 17, you will have the ability to choose a delayed delivery date (so you don’t have to store school supplies all summer!). Your options will be either before July 4th, or before August 1st.
  • Yes! Parents have the ability to order school supplies from the supply list posted during the summer through out the entire year.
  • Sort of. Parents can decrease quantities or completely remove items from a bundle before purchase. Parents can also increase quantities of items already in the bundle (ex. add an extra notebook). Given our values of convenience and simplicity, our website currently doesn’t allow parents to add items that are not already listed in their bundles.

Partnering with ClassBundl

Apparel Donations

  • At the end of the month after your store closes we will send you a check of your donations, giveback and any mark-up you may have included on your items. This timeframe allows for any returns or refunds that may be processed. For example, we’ll cut apparel store giveback checks at the end of May for all stores that closed in April.

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