ClassBundl is committed to helping schools and their families with convenience and a “wow” experience. Our solutions fuel growth and enable school communities to further their mission.


  1. Revolutionize Convenience.
  2. Transcend Expectations.
  3. Inspire Growth.


  • Serve with integrity
  • WOW the customer
  • Relentlessly pursue innovation and operational excellence
  • Collaborate
  • Live and work with passion
Jeff Eells

— Jeff Eells, ClassBundl President

“At ClassBundl, we want to help some of the busiest people we know, parents, school administrators, and teachers save time. We are a team of passionate individuals who come to work each day trying to find new ways to delight the customer.”

ClassBundl History

ClassBundl is a family-grown, school-loving company dedicated to supporting the educational journey with easy solutions that parents and schools love. As a FACTS company, ClassBundl started as an idea from a parent tired of the stressful back-to-school shopping experience of crowded aisles and empty shelves. Our concept improved from hundreds of conversations with teachers, parents, and administrators. With ClassBundl Supplies and ClassBundl Apparel, we’re reshaping the way families and schools prep for the school year with an online marketplace that gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t. ClassBundl was founded in 2013 and currently serves more than 800 schools.

Team Members

Scott Gubbels, CEO
Chief Owl

Jeff Eells

Jeff Eells, President
Head of Make-it-Happen

Tyler Carson

Tyler Carson, Product Manager
Lead of Daily Grind 

Kirk Miller

Kirk Miller, Supply Chain Manager
King of Stuff

Dan Sveen

Daniel Sveen, Head Developer
Code Whisperer

Rachel Warrington, Marketing Manager
Brand Guardian

Eric Korth

Eric Korth, VP of Client Relations
Head of "How Can I Help"

Mitchell Scheuler, Business Development
School Wingman

Dan Haden, Business Development
School Go-to-Guy

Kelsi Oldenkamp

Kelsi Oldenkamp, Business Development
Engagement Enthusiast

Cooper Domgard, Business Development
Growth Guru

MaryBeth Pinckney, Account Manager
Personal Psychic

Janice Donoghue, Implementation Specialist

Johnny Kamprath, Developer and Product Designer
Wizard Coder

Kayla Ott, Senior Marketing Specialist

Questions? We’re here to help.

Just call 844.565.7153 or send an email to Support@ClassBundl.com.