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School Shopping Made Easy

ClassBundl is your one-stop shop for easy (and fun!) school shopping that gives back! Time savings and school rewards are just part of why families and schools give ClassBundl a great report card.


    A More Rewarding Place to Shop

    Stock up for the school year in an online store built to fill the needs of your child’s classroom. From teacher-approved notebooks to school-branded shirts, we work with your school and teachers to compile all the classroom gear you need into one store. Best of all, we ship orders right to your door.

    Make Time for What Matters Most

    ClassBundl is your school’s personal webpage, serving families the items they want and earning your school cash back to fund its projects. See what ClassBundl can do for your school.

    We Love Our School Partners

    Bring classroom-specific supply bundles and branded apparel to your school with free programs that earn cash back. Simply visit our “For Schools” page to learn more.

    Parents saved minutes by using ClassBundl